“A great stand up. Really funny.” - Jimmy Carr

“Fantastic, very talented and very funny. The next big thing. I love James Mullinger.” - Michael McIntyre

“The moment this veteran British comic bounds onto the stage, you’re in for an amazing hour of solo comedy.” Montreal Times

“Something of a sensation. Expect the anecdotes to come thick, fast and raucously funny.” - Evening Standard (UK)

“Mullinger has made his mark all across New Brunswick since moving to the Port City back in February.” - Thomas Becker, Telegraph-Journal (Canada)

“A dashing comic." - Shinan Govani, The National Post (Canada)

“Excellent, skilful, hugely likable, very funny stuff.” - Time Out (London)

“One of the best acts in the country” - The Skinny (UK)

“Engaging and hilarious comedy from a man who packs a punch. Five stars *****.” - Arts In Leicestershire (UK)

“Compulsive viewing. A very funny man with a big future ahead of him.” - The Huffington Post (UK)

“Comedy at its best. Thought provoking and compelling.” - International Life (UK)




“The moment this veteran British comic bounds onto the stage, you’re in for an amazing hour of solo comedy. Mullinger’s boundless energy and way out storytelling really carries this show, and in a way, can be seen as a motivational speech (but much more entertaining).” Stuart Nulman, Montreal Times

“James Mullinger delivers a highly energetic and charismatic performance. Charming, self-deprecating, hilarious… bursts of laughter filled the room throughout.” The Charlebois Post

“I can only dream of being able to bring and maintain the amount of sincere, passionate, positive energy that Mullinger brought to his show on opening night. I had never before felt more welcome as an audience member at a comedy show. Seriously, if you’re reading this and generally feel unwanted in your life, go see James Mullinger is Living The Dream and you’ll feel like a bazillion bucks within the first 10 minutes.”  CJLO.com

“He exceeds any expectations one would have of a stand-up or a story teller precisely because his unfiltered and un-doctored experiences emanate from an environment of such pathetic brutality. A bottomless pit of charisma, Mullinger’s very painful experiences end up making for a top-notch evening of groans, grimaces, and guttural laughter. A tale of epic proportions is woven before our very eyes.” www.BloodyUnderrated.net


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